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Finally gets it’s head out of it’s a***

UK finally announces  quarantine free travel to a number of countries. Notable absence is Portugal. See bottom of page for full list.

Turkey no longer requires visa

Good News!! As from February 2020 UK passport holders no longer need the 30 Euro visa!

Another One Bites the Dust!

Thomas Cook has gone under. Most holidays are protected (but not flights only) another holiday company unable to move with the times

Philippines Ferries - warning from  UK Gov

On 3 August 2019 three ferry boats capsized in the Iloilo-Guimaras straits, with at least 30 lives lost. Avoid travel on ferries and passenger boats if possible, particularly in the rainy season (June-December). They are often overloaded, lack  lifesaving equipment or be inadequately maintained.

India - fancy a beer??

24 July 2019  Prohibitory orders in Bengaluru; the the ban on sale of liquor in restaurants, pubs and bars has been lifted; the other provisions of the prohibitory orders remain in place.

Turkey……Check out my latest trip. From Byzantium to Gates of Troy Turkey has some wonderful sights plus some very useful hints and tips!

Portugal - Northern Portugal. No umbrellas and sandy beaches but culture and cheap food and wine and, of course, the home of Port! Grow up in the Duro valley and matured in Porto.

Renting a motorbike in Thailand?

Road deaths are Thailand’s biggest killer! 20,169 in 2018 & motorcycles accounted for over 14,000 of the fatalities.

By comparison, the UK figure is under 1,800 for all deaths.

If you don’t have a licence to drive a motorbike your holiday insurance will not cover you. Also, most holiday insurance only cover up to 125cc; most of the bikes are 175/200cc  If you don't drive a motorbike at home, Thailand is NOT the place to learn!

My Last 3 Trips! Lots of tips & advice All included for free!!!

OK, so you’ve seen my latest 3 trips so if you’re looking for more tips this is the rest of my travels - all with helpful advice, hints and tips based on experience!

Turkey India Indiia
Middle East

India. A train journey from Chennia (Madras) to Kochin and on to Munnar. Trains are fun (sometimes!) and cheap. Food is wonderful!

Indiia Turkey

Are you thinking of taking an elephant ride?

A female elephant will be shot and then its baby is captured that baby is then tortured until it submits to humans and it's then trained to do elephant riding. The babies are tied down and beaten with billhooks and other instruments until their spirits are broken and they’re fearful enough to obey their “trainers” in order to avoid more pain.

Elephant camps throughout Cambodia, Thailand, & Vietnam are notorious for duping the public into believing that their activities benefit elephants—often by claiming to rescue them or offer them “sanctuary”—but these animals suffer abusive training methods and deprivation.



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Published 3 July 2020

Last updated 4 July 2020 + show all updates

Full list (for England) of quarantine free countries

Catch up on all the latest travel news

Travel and Visa restrictions related to COVID-19

Any country that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advise against all but essential travel means your holiday insurance is void!!

Strange new world!

Although European countries are allowing UK travellers in rules vary.

Russia. All arrivals must provide a medical certificate confirming they have  tested negative for  COVID-19

Belgium. If arriving here from Leicester you would be required to self-isolate on arrival.

Spain.  You must provide contact information of last 48 hours before travel & all travellers are subject to health checks.

Hungry. All arrivals must undergo a health check, if you fail you will be denied entry.

So check all entry requirements of the country you are travelling to!