Cambodia is ‘improving’ all the time. The first year we went this was the road; unmade rutted &  rubbish strewn. Year 2, it was graded with street lights and an island making it a dual carriageway. By the time you read this it will have been tarmaced

Kampot. The old colonial buildings are being renovated. And it is worth a visit. Perhaps not as cheap by a dollar or two compared with Siam Reap or Sihanoukville, but you wont be ripped off!!

Kep. Famous for it’s crabs, it was also famous for & exported a sizable amount of the world’s pepper before the Pol Pot regime. Pepper growing is slowly returning & worth a trip out to see the plantations. Although famous for crabs, they are an expensive meal (comparatively).

SIAM REAP is the town you stay in to visit the Angkor Wat however, this is a delightful town in it’s own right. Excellent & cheap food from 100’s of restaurants! plus a few bars, clubs & markets. I would recommend the trip  to the silk farm (free)- it’s amazing. It also has a balloon (tethered) from which to peer down at the Wat.

There are several large markets  here as well..

One of the many excellent restaurants in Siam Reap

SIHANOUKVILLE  The southern beach resort. Not to Thailand’s standards, but a great place to hang out with ramshackle beach bars selling spiffs & happy drinks with even free places to sleep - if you’re drinking! It’s has a small strip of sand, often deliberately blocked by bar chairs & tables from the rival bars. A Thai style bar strip is opening away from the beach but it doesn’t seem to be popular. As in common with all of Cambodia, excellent and cheap food. Lots of vendors on the beach which  can annoy, but there is very little not available on the beach

Lynne by a pepper plant.


Water buffalo on the main street. Yes there is the Golden Lions & Victory Hill but there is still the local town of Sihanoukville.

Old colonial buildings beautifully restored - Kampot

KRATIE What a little gem! Don’t be put off by the unmade roads as you enter the town, it has a charm, of sorts! Good accommodation and a chance to see the Irrawaddy dolphin, which is a

half day trip. Buses run from here to Phnom Penn or Siam Reap every day for a few dollars - this is a great place to break the trip. It also has a large market most days.

More Wats near Angkor

Sihanoukville saw the last official action of the American war in Vietnam!

ANGKOR WAT OK, what can you say. Actually it’s a huge complex containing many temples, Angkor Wat is the largest & best preserved. The area is so large that you need transport, either taxi of motorcycle tuk tuk. I preferred the ruins rather than the well preserved Angkor itself. A day pass was US$20 & if you want it, there are guides too. .











Border Crossing




Left to right

Pub Street - Siam Reap

Angkor Wat

Beach at Sihanoukville

Wat Thom Part of the Angkor complex  it was the setting for Tomb Raider


Watch the price of your entry visa; it’s payable in US $ but don’t expect change!

If you are crossing at a land border it is better to get an online visa, which costs $5 more, but may work out cheaper than paying at immigration.

Obviously the Angkor Wat brings people here but the country is worth the time to explore. Although the southern beaches can’t compete with Thailand’s for quality it more than makes up for it with it’s relaxed atmosphere and value for money.

The capital Phonm Phenn lacks Bangkok’s culture but there are a few sites worth visiting & trips to the ‘killing fields’ if that is your scene.

Welcome to Cambodia. The Angkor Wat is the biggest attraction here, but it a fun country to visit. Roads have improved tremendously and travel is no longer the time consuming undertaking it was a few years ago. It’s Cheap! Fine French food and cheap booze!

The unmade road to Sihanoukville beach. -Not like this now!!