This Los Cristianos. Golden beaches, lots of bars & restaurants. This area is the busy touristy part that includes Playa De Las Americas & Costa Adeje

Playa De Las


Tabiba. Near the pretty Candelaria. The motorway sometimes separates the town from the accommodation. As this view from our balcony shows

This is mount Teide as seen from the North side of the island.

This cloud free picture of Teide is from the south side of the island.

The north part of the island is forest & lush, while the south barren.

Note the motorway that is around the island, while it makes travelling easier, certainly if you are on the east coast you will be within ear shot of it!

Up in the hills (which is anywhere not on the motorway!) the roads are very narrow and very winding. If you want a tip for car hire, get the smallest one you can!

Welcome to Tenerife. This is an amazing island of different cultures. North you have the old part of Spain, South you have the tourist areas. Food is excellent and the people friendly, but it’s your pick if you like the tourist area of the south where it is warmer,  less windy & a few thousand more tourists and bars, or the more local & cooler North. Which ever part you go to it is cheap and the food excellent. The island has some amazing sites including mount Teide


Tenerife is cheaper in the south where a pint of beer can cost 95 cents! You be hard put to find that price outside of the big tourist areas but a small draft beer shouldn’t cost more than 1 Euro anywhere. Food is also excellent and cheap, but again out side of the tourist areas a knowledge of Spanish sufficient to pick from the menu is almost necessary.

Tapas is great and a meal for 2 and on offer can be octopus, goats cheese, mussels in garlic, prawns, & goat meat & need not cost more than 10 Euro each.

There are buses running all over the island, and certainly in the south there are tourist trips to the main sites like Teide and the Dragon Tree. However, if you are staying in the north a car is probably essential.

The Dragon Tree. Supposedly hundreds of years old it is in Icod De Vinos. A marvellous town and the tree is in a park/garden  and well worth the visit.

The pedestrian area of Laguna. An oasis of tranquility in the midst of a busy town!

Typical of the interior mountain route across the centre of the island

Actually this church could be anywhere in Tenerife, but this is in the centre of Laguna

Laguna. It is a large university town with traffic & difficult parking, but the centre is a pedestrian oasis of calm with an old church, cobble stone streets and lots of street bars & restaurants.