Los Cristianos. Golden beaches, lots of bars & restaurants.

This area is the busy touristy part that includes Playa De Las Americas & Costa Adeje.

Probably the cheapest places in Tenerife to eat & drink.

The Dragon Tree. Supposedly hundreds of years oldin Icod De Vinos. A marvellous town  and well worth a visit.

Laguna is a large university town with heavy traffic & difficult parking, but the centre is a pedestrian oasis of calm with cobble stone streets and lots of  bars & restaurants.


A tale of two different halves!

 North part of the island you have the old part of Spain,  cooler & more culture

 South  part of the island you have the tourist areas where it is warmer,  less windy & a few thousand more tourists and bars,

Tenerife is cheaper in the south where a pint of beer can cost 1 Euro

Food is cheap English originated.

North island is more expensive & a knowledge of Spanish sufficient to pick from the menu is often necessary.

There are buses and in the tourist south trips run to most of the sights, however, in the north a car is probably necessary.


The North

A small beach at San Marcus.Very popular weekends with locals & has a collection of bars & restaurants.

Tegeuse. A lovely little village near the North National Park.

North National Park.

Some of the views from the spectacular park.

Mount Tiede. The centre of the island is dominated by mount Tiede & the park. Well worth a visit & there is alodge here for overnight stays with incredible night time views.

Driving in Tenerife. Driving is not too bad a problem. It can be busy particularly in Los Cristianos and surrounds, but north of the island the roads are quiet. A motorway goes almost around the entire island so it’s not too difficult to travel around, although if you leave the motorway to explore the roads can be very narrow & winding.

A motorway goes almost around the entire island. Unfortunately it does sometimes cut off the sea & coastal towns from the rest of the island.

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