Smiffy’s  Europe

As I’ve lived in Asia for 2 decades, my travel around Europe is not great and has mostly been over the last 5 years. The advent of the Euro has, unfortunately pushed up prices through Europe and it is hard to find a cheap backpackers place.

Middle East Contact Me

A place steeped in history with ruins older than the Pymids of Egypt; Ggantija, Taxien & the Hypoguem Roman remains as well as the base for the Knights of St Johns.

It does have it’s night life  and local parts as well.

Malta & Gozo

The fort at the entrance to Valetta harbour, built by the Knights of St John.

‘Malta’ normally refers to both the island of Malta & Gozo. It does have a much smaller 3rd island of Comino.

A group of 9 islands off the coast of Africa. Very famous naval stop over. Administered by Portugal, it has hot springs and mountains country and a number of small tea plantations.

We only stayed on the largest of the islands but island hopping is possible as ferries run between the islands

The Azores

A Taking my battered Yamaha 600 Divvy with 100,000 miles on the clock, we toured France, Spain, and Portugal

Europe by Motorbike