Smiffy’s Asia

Asia’s a big place!! It’s got  everything; beaches, history, culture. Whatever you want! It does change incredibly quickly especially Thailand & Cambodia so be warned.

The following a the places I’ve been to, most too long ago to offer much advice!

A dusty road in Laos. Amazing place a land of National Geographic features! Must do is a river trip from Luang Prebang to Muang Kai. Probably best to avoid - 4,000 Islands.

A dusty road in Burma. Great place and really cheap. Not changing that much due to international concerns. See Asia like it was!

Thailand. Culture, Temples, beaches, bars, girls & more!

It has its seedy side, you like that or you don’t, but it has a lot of culture too.  Now becoming VERY expensive. Must see; the old capital Sukothai & Kanchlanaburi (bridge on the river kwai) best to avoid full moon parties & Phuket!

The Ankor Wat Cambodia. Owing to the huge Chinese influence and government greed for money the county is changing very rapidly.

Must see Ankor Wat (of course) &  Karchi near the border with Loas. Best to avoid Sihanoukville, now a Chinese gambling city!









A big place! We went to some places you’ve probably never heard of! Good fun & cheap but very little English!

Many islands, can be cheap but becoming very more fundamentalist & getting hard to find booze. Lots of places to see.

Yes I know it’s a part of Indonesia! Now the cheap backpacker paradise it used to be! 5 star hotels now dominate.

Pedang went from backpacker heaven to $150 a night hotel rooms! Where did it all go wrong (or, of course, right if you can afford $150 a night!

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Another rapidly changing country.

It couldn’t be any more noisy or busy!

Cities, beaches & mountains.

Lots to see including the amazing Cat Ba island