While most people think of Portugal as the Algrave (which you would if you were a beach lover), North Portugal has splendid scenery, still very local and cheap!

Porto is an excellent place for a long weekend. Accommodation, food, and alcohol are cheap.

Lots to see: wonderful old buildings and trams, and of course, the home of Port!

Port houses are on the south of the river with tours and tasting a part of the Porto experience.

Porto has an excellent and cheap tram network that reaches to the airport costing only 2.50 Euros from the airport to the centre.

Trips up the Douro valley are available.

It is cheaper on the South side of the river where the Port warehouses are.

The cheapest way to say you’ve been on the the river Duoro is to take the expensive ferry across for 3 Euro (or walk across the bridge for free!)

Speciality of Portugal is salted cod called ‘bacalau’ which comes in many different forms.

A bottle of Port is cheaper here than Duty Free (‘cos Duty Free isn’t).

Outside of Porto you have old towns the Esterallas mountains, the Duro valley itself (where the grapes grow for Port)


Full of interest buildings, pedestrian only cobbled streets packed with bars & restaurants this is a great place to spend a long weekend. For Europe, it’s very cheap!


A small village with the ever present village square (left) a feature of most Portuguese towns and cities. The river runs through the outskirts of the town

The Port warehouses of Porto! Well worth the visit, ending, of course, with Port tasdting! These are all on the south side of the river.


A couple of hundred miles from Porto is where the grapes are grown and fermented that goes in to Port. Huge barrels of wine used to be shipped by boat down the river, nowadays its roads. The old boats have been converted in pleasure craft so enjoy a trip on the Duoro river on a traditional wine boat!


The highest inhabited town in Portugal. High up in the Serra Da Estrela mountains. A wonderful walled city with an impressive cathedral (left) and town square (right). You can follow the road onward to Spain.


Described as a ‘mini Porto’. It does have its cobbled stone streets full of restaurants and bars. Well worth a stop over and a main bus and train terminus between Lisbon, Porto and destinations East.


A large town but not without charm. Lots to see but a bit more spread out that some other places. The ubiquitous square (left) and just one of the many buildings in the old town.


A small village with the ever present  square (left) with half a dozen cafes. Drinking coffee in these cafes seems to be the main past time here! Big BBQ are a feature of the monthly market.

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A clourful street in Viseu

 North Portugal

Some Tips for Portugal.