Middle East

Not exactly holidays as I worked in Saudi Arabia, I then moved to Kuwait and a few later returned to the UAE as a diving instructor. Arab countries do hold a fascination for their culture and way of life, although it will be a while before Saudi Arabia & Kuwait head up the holiday destinations list!

Kuwait & The Gulf


United Arab Emirates


Middle East
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The country was in a bit of a mess just after the war, but life begun to get back to normal.

Kuwait is not a bad place and there are some dive sites, but not enough to hold your interest for a visit.

The UAE is far more interesting to visitors.

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is composed of 7 Emirates. The best known is Dubai althought the capital of UAE is Abu Dhabi.

Other  Emirates are Sharjah, Fujariah, Ras Al Khaimahi, Al Aln, Umm Al Quwain (spelling varies)

I was there running a dive shop with my girl friend Lynne

Dubai Has become a holiday destination, after all it has sun, sea and lots of sand!

The highlights are the gold souks.

The other emirates are worth visiting though. For beach holidays Ras Al Khaimah is good, but with out the city life of Dubai.

The other Emirates a flying visit may suffice.

The emirates

Some ‘Guests’

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