The  forts of Valletta built by the Knights c1560

The middle of the island is dominated by Rabat & Mdina. Another impressive walled town. with its narrow streets and a centre of glass blowing.  Also nearby are St Pauls catacombs









Golden Bay


Mdina & Rabat

Blue Gotto


Malta & Gozo





Ramala Bay




You have to try the Maltese pasties!!! They are either filled with goats cheese or a sort of pea filling & little shops  selling these are everywhere.


Narrow streets & wonderfully buildings. The Cathedral is amazing & contains the tombs of the Grand Masters

Fort St Elmo. As in ‘St Elmo’s fire’

The magnificent St John Co-Cathedral in Valletta. Final resting place of the Grand Masters ,The Knights of St Johns

Valetta has lots of bars & restaurants around the little streets.

There are open top tour buses that tour around the island & if tour time is short are worth doing, however, the cheap local buses go to all points on the island.

The weekly market at Marsaxlokk is a must & it also has the best & cheapest restaurants in Malta.

 The harbour is full of the colourful Maltese fishing boats

Malta & Gozo are full of history with ruins as old as the Egyptian pyramids!  Also famous for the Great Siege of Malta and the Knights of St Johns.

It does have a party scene (St Julians, Silma/Paceville) but  outside of those areas its local & historic.

There are many, many churches in Malta, Mosta being one of the most visited, but every town has it’s own and the insides are remarkable.

 Each town also has it’s own festivals and these take place throughout the year.

Malta is also famous for it’s fireworks and I doubt if you can go there and not see a fabulous firework display.

The tombs of the     Grand Masters

Inside Government house

Cultural Stuff! Hypogeum & Tarxien temple

I had been to Malta many times before I heard of the Hypogeum. You HAVE to book online MONTHS in advance. Visitors are limited.

It is an underground temple carved into stone and a replica of the above ground temples (like Tarxien).

As it is a carving representing temple it is the earliest example of such & is as old as the pyramids.

Both sites are in Poala, a short bus ride from Valetta.

It is expensive to get in, however, as with all sites in Malta there is a 50% discount for over 60’s (you will need your passport).

The Hypogeum. It’s underground and carved from stone

Part of theThe Tarxien Temples an archaeological complex dated to  approximately 3150 BCE

Tarxien temple. Very cheap to get in and well worth the visit. It is over 3,000 years old and one of several around Malta & Gozo

Rabat & Mdina


A fishing village on the tip of the island. Has a weekly market with a harbour lined with good & inexpensive restaurants. Boat trips in the brightly coloured Maltese fishing boats abound.

One of the cheaper (and probably best) places to eat is Marsaxlokk, the southern fishing village


Not far from Marsaxlokk is another seaside village, but more modern and lacks the fishing boats as it is now a marina, Marsakala. Has its far share of restaurants.


A very nice seaside place is Bugibba. Not a full party scene like St Julians, but it does have a lot of bars, and restaurants as well as a club or two.

Other highlights of Malta island

Mosta church. Famous as in WWII during a congregation a bomb came through the roof, but failed to explode

The Blue Grotto. Probably the most visited place in Malta! A boat trip to look inside the caves. Lot of bioluminescence.

The old Maltese buses! Now sadly gone replaced by ex London bendy buses, till they caught fire just like in London!

Golden Bay. The best beach in Malta but only a 5 star hotel nearby. (Featured as the Trojan beach in the film ‘Troy’)

Melleha.(Gahdra Bay) A collection of hotels around one of the few sandy beaches. Viewed from the town  above

Melleha town. Perched on the hill it overlooks the bay (actually  called Gahdra Bay)

Malta has many little villages all with their own character. Walking around is a pleasure; if you’ve been to St Julains, all of Malta is not like that. You pays yer money and you takes yer choice!


Malta refers to the islands of Malta , the island of Gozo & the little Comino.

The ferry from Malta leaves from Cirkewwa. Tickets are cheap and frequent buses run to/from the terminal

Even by public transport a trip to Gozo can be done in a day & there are large free car parks if you don't want to take the car across.

It is very busy during the peak season. The capital called Victoria by the colonialist & Rabat by the locals! Is a smaller copy of Valletta with it’s wonderful narrow streets.






Ramala Bay



Xendi. PA small bay with restaurants, and like all places in Gozo; it’s not that big!!

Dweerja. This scenic arch was why most people came here, unfortunately it collapsed a few years after this photo. Not much reason to visit now.


The largest town by the sea. Lots of restaurants and a beach as well. Probably the best selection of restaurants on Gozo.

Ramala Bay

The best beach on Gozo, but there’s nothing else here. Very pretty scenery and hill walks and somewhere is the Calypso cave of Odysseus fame.

More Cultural Stuff! Ggantijai & the Roman Well

 Ġgantija temples. Another of Malta’s prehistoric temples. This one is quite well preserved and the Ġgantija temples are the earliest in Malta and are older than the pyramids of Egypt; they are reportedly the oldest free standing structure in the world

If you like the beach than its Marsalform, the largest town, although there is a large beach at Ramala but no accommodation.

You only pay for the ferry coming back from Gozo.

 If there is a queue for tickets at Cerkewwa just get on the ferry and buy a ticket at the other end.

Another of Gozo’s ancient monuments. This is the Roman well. There were 5 wells, but this is the only one remaining.

Just in the right place at the right time! The annual horse races through the streets of Rabat! No crowd control or barriers - UK Health & Safety would have apoplexy!!

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