Europe By Bike

A little run around Europe on a Diversion 600. Ferry to Calais through France & into Spain to Gibraltar. Returning through Portugal.

A far too heavily loaded bike as we start our tour.

Packing was an art form! Everything had a place, and only one place, else it couldn’t all fit!

Biggest problems were we couldn’t carry chairs or mattress, just thin bed rolls!

Absolute luxury to find a camp site that provided tables & chairs!

Really couldn’t have taken any less, and certainly not any more!

First night in Hornfleur

Hornfluer is a delightful village not too far from Calais, but far enough that the camp site was closed when we got there!

Restaurants line  the harbour with cobbled stone streets and a church with a wooden spire.

Also, it was Sunday and most places close in France including petrol stations; do not leave yourself short of petrol on a Saturday night!!!  

Roads in Europe are better than most of those you find in UK, particular true of A & B roads.

The next stop was at Port-en-Bessin-Huppian between the D Day beaches code name Gold and Omaha.

On our way we passed the Pegasus Bridge scene of the first action of D Day.

Omaha Beach,  the only beach left as it was  on D Day

We stayed at  Surgeres where we explored La Rochelle, Ile D'Oleron and Congnac before Leaving for the Dordogne region.

 The Dordogne Region, is an exceptional place. We stayed at Sarlat La Caneda for almost a week, and then with our friends at Gourdon. From Gourdon we drove towards Spain and stopped at a little town called Roquefort in the mistaken belief that the cheese of that name came from there (it was our way anyhow) it was a short haul into Spain  from here.

Quite by chance we stumbled upon  Picos de Europa. It was a wonderful place and the camp site at Poles was excellent. We were camping in 30 degrees of sunshine, surrounded by snow capped mountains with a beautiful village full of restaurants and bars. Stayed here almost a week!

Spain. We crossed at San Sebastian and stayed there a few days before moving on. Almost Eastern European in its buildings, not very picturesque

Driving in France is a pleasure  the roads were uncrowded and well maintained.  In the 3,000 miles or so we travelled here I passed 2 mobile speed traps and maybe 4 well signposted stationery cameras ( I pass that number in 2 miles on the M2)

From here we took a slow drive down the centre of Spain. Wonderful scenery and many little local villages most of which seemed festooned with storks nests!, nothing like the ‘Costas’ along the East coast.

Staying off the toll roads and dual carriageways we used the ‘B’ roads which are excellent condition.


Travelling down Spain we reached the point where you can go  no further, unless you take the ferry to Morocco, this is Algericas which would appear to be the kite surfing Mecca of the world!

The old town of Algericas is still in tact and full of local (cheap) restaurants and bars.

Gibraltar is only a short ride away and we spent an interesting day there!

Every high building seems to have a storks nest on top!

A wonderful lake just seen on our travels, no name.

Part of the town of Algericas which has a lot of cheap and very good restaurants

Every dot is a sail of a kite, there are hundreds of them!!

Originally we had planned to take the ferry to Morocco, but time was running a bit short so after a stay here we headed back, driving to Portugal.

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